Literacy Activities

Alphabet Activities

Learn To Read at Star Fall

Literacy Center Large letters with great recordings and lots of activities.

Alphabet Antics Cute game where a monkey is throwing bananas to a snake while you study the alphabet to save him.

Vocabulary Activities

Hello World Memory matching games for one or two players with beginning vocabulary. Students click on the buttons to start the play. The more arrows on the button, the more row of memory cards to play.


Learn Your Numbers Click on a number to hear it and see the spelling.


Hello World Songs Each song has the words and are sung slowly so the student can follow along or maybe even sing along.

Check out our new website, ESLAmerica.US

The focus of ESLAmerica.US is listening and learning English. As we construct the website, we will be creating materials with a listening component. In addition, all sites that are linked to ESLAmerica.US will be required to have a listening component.

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