Our Directions

How to Add a PowerPoint

Step 1 Create and Upload Your File

1. Create your PowerPoint.
2. Save it using a one word name + the file extension of .ppt, i.e. ed_vocabulary.ppt.
3. Login it to the wiki site so you can upload files and edit your page.
4. Go to Teacher Pages, click on your page.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Files.
6. Upload new files - follow the path to locate your file on your computer. If you need to rename your file as one word, you can do so here.
7. Click on upload file!

Step 2 Add the Link in Your Page

1. Go to the file in your page just above where you uploaded it.
2. Click on Info.
3. Right click on and copy shortcut of the full file URL.
4. Go to Edit
5. Click on the URL link wizard icon in the toolbar.
6. Right click and paste the URL into the URL text box
7. Check the Open in a new window option.
8. Save and check it out!

How to Add a Picture

Step 1

1. Open the page that you want to add the picture to.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Files > Upload New File.
3. Browse for your picture.
4. In the Destination File Name box - your picture must be one word - rename your picture as needed.
5. File comments - add if desired but not neccessary.
6. Click Upload File!

Step 2

1. Go to the page that you want the picture on and click on Edit.
2. Go to Insert Image Wizard.
3. Select Source Type > Attached File.
4. Click on the name of the file in the list available.
5. Select the position you want and click Insert Code.
If you select thumbnail, your picture will be small on the page but when clicked on, it will open in a separate window as a large picture.
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